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After getting fired Dani is having a hard time finding a new job and she can’t can’t even pay her rent anymore so she decides to go back home at the countryside until she get’s back on her feet. When she hears that there’s a guy who owns a big farm and he is looking for an administrator she decides to give it a try. Imagine the surprise when she sees that the owner is no one else but her high school boyfriend. She broke up with him when she went to college.

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Lily and her boyfriend broke up but she wants to win him back by all means. When she hears that he got fired she decides to visit him and ask him if there is some way she could help him. Since it’s hard to get a new job Lily tells her ex that her father can offer him a job in his small company.

Since he can’t afford to pay his rent from now on he has to find a smaller apartment and Lily tells him that she has a free room. He decides to accept the offer and moves in. Now Lily has him at her feet and she sneaks in his room in the morning. She lifts up the covers and starts playing with his cock. He gets hard and by the time  he gets up she is already sucking his big hard cock. She is doing a great job and he lets her get on top of him to ride his big hard cock. She gets her pussy filled up with his creamy cum. If you want to real amateur babes sucking hard cocks just as Lily, go to and check them out, you are not going to regret it. Have fun and come back soon!


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After dumping her boyfriend for another guy, Lizz goes back to his ex boyfriend’s apartment to pick up her stuff. While she is packing up he gets home from work and surprisingly he is happy to see her. When she is about to leave he asks her to stay and have a drink with him and she accepts. In fact he only wants to fuck her one more time and knowing that Lizz is a slutty babe he knows that she can’t refuse him.

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After this guy finds out that her girlfriend been cheating him he kicks her out of the apartment and tells her to never come back. She never got the chance to pick up her stuff but she still has the keys. One day when he is at work she goes back to pick up her things and she decides to take a shower and change her clothes because she’s going on a date after she takes her stuffs.

The guy gets home and finds her in his bedroom wearing a sexy lingerie. She thinks she came back to beg him to let her come back and she thinks that she’s been dressing up sexy for him. The guy gets horny is he gets a boner and now she must take care of him. She’s afraid to tell him that she is actually dressing up for another guy. Watch her sucking her ex boyfriend’s hard cock and bending over the bed to get her pussy hammered hard. Go to and check out lots of naughty babes getting fucked hard outdoors, you are going to love it!


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We have another slutty exgirlfriend getting fucked and exposed in this insane gallery. She accepted to get filmed once by her boyfriend and it wasn’t such a great idea. The curvy babe was in a great mood and she ended up sucking off her man’s cock in front of the lens and she did an amazing job. But things didn’t went so good between them and after their break up he didn’t took things too well.

He was kind of pissed that she cheated on him with one of his friends and he made public their video. She was so angry on him, but there wasn’t anything she can do now. The sexy babe felt a bit embarrassed in front of her friends, but they reacted quite well to the video. Make sure you check out the entire scene and stay tuned for more hot galleries. If you want more make sure you check out to see more hot amateurs in action. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

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